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I am a Senior UX Designer with over 20 years of expertise in crafting human-centred solutions for complex enterprise landscapes. My passion lies in partnering with organisations to elevate their design maturity, streamline workflows, and ultimately develop digital experiences that resonate deeply with users.

I am looking to work with organisations to drive their design processes and develop digital solutions that provide meaningful user experiences.

Packed shelves in a pharmacy.
Design systems

Medical case management system implementation

The Therapeutic Goods Administration case management portal redesign: From siloed systems to streamlined solutions.
View the TGA case study
Close up of hands holding a mobile phone and a login screen.
Interaction design

Australian Border Security mobile application design

Creating the Department of Agriculture biosecurity mobile app: From paper forms to cutting-edge tech.
View the Agriculture case study
ALA logo on a patterned red background.
User testing
Interaction design

External UX review of flagship citizen science website

User-led redesign transforms the Atlas of Living Australia into a treasure trove of accessible biodiversity knowledge.
View the ALA case study